Best Bedroom Design Ideas for You in 2022

The size and type of the bedroom have a great influence on the layout. The bed is the center, and the storage area, dressing area and other areas are set up according to the needs.

The smaller the space, the more attention must be paid to the rationality of the moving line. For the bedroom, the smooth flow of life must be achieved.

Most people have the need to wake up at night, the disordered furniture will affect the movement, the unsmooth movement will greatly interfere with the convenience of life, and even have potential safety hazards.

The layout of the bedroom should be designed according to the size of the area. Try not to touch the wall on both sides of the bed, and reserve a normal width on both sides to facilitate walking and making the bed.

If the area is limited, one side of the bed can only be placed against the wall. It is recommended to leave enough space at the end of the bed to facilitate getting up and down from the end of the bed to minimize the impact.

If there is not enough space in the small bedroom, it is better to give up the choice of the bed and directly customize the tatami bed, which has strong storage capacity. The integrated design of the tatami wardrobe can also take into account the function of the desk.


Different colors have different effects on mood and sleep.

The bedroom focuses on comfort and warmth, which is helpful for sleep. It is recommended to use soft colors to relieve the pressure on the eyes and reduce the stimulation of emotions.

Neutral colors or colors with low saturation are more suitable for bedrooms, which have the effect of soothing vision and relaxing nerves. If you like layering, you can choose some of the walls to do color jumping, which is also a very popular practice now.

The color of the bedroom should also refer to the overall home style, and try to keep it consistent with other spaces, so as to avoid different colors in each house and destroy the overall sense of harmony.


The atmosphere of a bedroom is affected by many factors, and lighting is one of the very important factors.

As a resting place, the bedroom does not need excessively bright lighting. Downlights can be used as the main lighting, together with light strips, table lamps, wall lamps or small bedside chandeliers, etc., which can not only meet the lighting needs, but also make the atmosphere full.

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In addition, the impact of bedding on the atmosphere of the bedroom space is also very important.

The choice of bedding depends not only on touch and comfort, but also on seasonal adjustments. In different seasons, choosing bedding that is harmonious with the environment is one of the ways to create a sense of atmosphere.

In summer, it is suitable to choose fresh and elegant cool tones and bedding made of cotton and linen to create a refreshing and pleasant feeling of comfort; in spring and autumn, you can use richly colored bedding to create a romantic atmosphere; in winter, warm tones and fluff are suitable for bedding. , creating a warm feeling both visually and tactilely.

The bedroom is mainly used for sleeping to create a comfortable sleeping environment. The most important thing is that everything is simple and clean. It is recommended to abandon the complicated ceiling, and focus on straight lines and simple top surfaces.

The furniture design tries to simplify the shape as much as possible, focusing on practicality, creating a comfortable and tidy visual atmosphere, which is more conducive to the precipitation of thoughts and stretches the body and mind.

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