Three Types of Woven Basket Chandeliers

woven basket chandelier

If you love the look of a woven basket chandelier, you’re on the right track. We’ll take a look at a French Belle Epoque style woven basket chandelier, an ikat-patterned drum chandelier, and a Macias triple-arm woven basket chandelier. And we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can choose the best one for your home.

French Belle Epoque woven basket chandelier

This French Belle Epoque woven basket chandelier is made of bronze and porcelain flowers. The top of the chandelier features a bow ribbon. The three supporting arms are adorned with bronze leaves. Three tiny porcelain flowers grow from the bronze stems of the three supports. The lights extend downward from the basket, resembling stamen in a flower.

This French Belle Epoque woven basket chandelier was made during the Belle Epoque period. Its elegant design is made of crystals and alternating faceted crystal. It is finished with a crystal obelisk spire. It features 12 candelabra sockets and comes complete with a chain and canopy for easy installation. It also features three Edison light fixtures with two Edison bulbs. This chandelier can be made to any height by adding a chain or cutting the centre shaft.

ikat patterned drum chandelier

If you’d like to give your space a retro feel, consider hanging an ikat patterned drum chandelier. Available in royal blue, cream and batik linen, the IKAT is perfect for adding classic style to contemporary lofts. Made in the United States, the IKAT can be found in various sizes and can handle up to 150 watts of light.

These chandeliers don’t take up much floor space and can add a touch of fun to a reading nook. They’re also perfect for dressing rooms. And if you love selfies, a chandelier can give you the perfect selfie lighting. Its versatility makes it a perfect addition to any bedroom.

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