Large Wicker Lamp Shades

large wicker lamp shades

This large wicker lamp shade embodies both 70s style and modern sensibility. The rounded silhouette and natural rattan weave create a modern look. In addition to being durable and stylish, it is also eco-friendly. This lamp shade will make a stunning accent to any room in your home.

Rattan lamp shade

A rattan lamp shade can add a tropical touch to your decor. The light from the lamp shines through its translucent fibers to create beautiful shadows on the walls. Typically made of a gold-brown color, a rattan lamp shade can also add a warm glow to any room.

Rattan shades are generally made of rattan and natural fiber. Their woven patterns and clean lines make them eye-catching pieces. They can be found in various designs and styles, ranging from mid-century to contemporary. These lampshades can be either large or small. They can be made of natural fiber or metal.

The material used to create a rattan lamp shade is derived from a palm tree. There are over 600 different species of palm plants that produce rattan. These plants can be used for a variety of different purposes, from baskets to light fixtures. Rattan furniture can be traced to ancient Egypt, and extensive use of rattan furniture began during the Iron Age and the Arts and Crafts movement. Nowadays, rattan lamp shades are made in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

Java’s 70s style

A woven rattan lamp shade in a classic 70s style is a beautiful piece that is reminiscent of the 1970s. It is crafted from natural wicker and comes in brown or white, with three sizes to choose from. The shade has a natural, sunny feel and is 5 inches in diameter, with a 15-inch bottom.

Rattan cone shade

A rattan cone shade can make a beautiful addition to a large wicker lamp. Made of natural wicker, these shades are available in white or brown. There are a variety of different ways to shape a rattan cone shade to fit your lamp.

Wood lamp shades come in several different styles, from ultra-modern to rustic. They can provide soft, diffused light, or be used for accent lighting. Bamboo lamp shades give a tropical look while also giving off a warm, rustic glow. Linen and silk lamp shades are available in various colors and textures. However, these shades can be difficult to clean.

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