Five Mushroom Lamps That Are a Must-Have

white murano mushroom lamp

Choosing a mushroom lamp can be a tricky business. With social media bombarding us with the latest objects and styles, it can be difficult to know what’s new and what’s not. However, if you’re willing to spend the money, a mushroom lamp might be worth the money.


The Murano Mushroom Lamp dates back to the 10th century in Murano, Italy. Glassmakers on this island are renowned for their craftsmanship and high-quality products. These artisans are prohibited from leaving the Venetian Republic to preserve the secrets of their art. It is from this time that the Murano Mushroom Lamp gained popularity. It was created in limited quantities in Venetian houses and was made popular by companies like Gambaro e Poggi.


The Lesbo table lamp is made of mouth-blown Murano glass, and is a beautiful addition to any room. This unique lamp features an opal shade and is dimmable, giving off a soft and diffuse light. It was designed by Angelo Mangiorotti and stands at 34.5 cm tall with a 28 cm base diameter. Artemide was established in 1960, and they are known for producing high-quality designer lamps.

Luciano Vistosi

This beautiful Luciano Vistosi white muráno mushroom lamp has an incredibly simple, yet elegant design. Its white glass is adorned with white spiral stripes, and when lit, the light emanates a soft glow. The lamp comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small desk lamp to a large floor lamp.


This vintage Vetri Murano glass mushroom lamp by Gambaro e Poggi was made in the 1970s. It is made of white glass with brown swirling accents. It measures 10.5″ tall and 9.5″ wide. This vintage piece is in great condition and emits a beautiful diffused light. It is equipped with an E27 bulb. It is in good working condition, and comes with a chrome fitter for wiring.

Comet Mars wooden folding mushroom book lamp

A classic mushroom lamp design from the 1970s is back with a modern twist. The Chilvane glass mushroom lamp offers a retro look and comes in pink or white. Another stylish mushroom lamp is the Honey & Ivy Mooshie Mushroom Table Lamp, which has a unique design and is available in nine subdued colors.

Nazmeen Vakil pink striped mushroom lamp

The Nazmeen Vakil Pink Striped Mushroom Lamp is available in two sizes and features a three-mode switch. The brand offers great deals and a weekly newsletter. The lamp is also available for logo licensing.

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