&Tradition’s JH5 Formakami Pendant Light

jh5 formakami

Designed by Jaime Hayón, the Formakami pendant lamp is a decorative object that will sublimate the interior of your home. Featuring a cylindrical oak structure and a fine rice paper coating, the lamp is lightweight and easy to hang. It also has an adjustable cable that can be adapted to fit your style. With two E27 bulbs, the lamp can be used for both lighting and decoration purposes.

Pendant lamp

Designed by Spanish artist Jamie Hayon, the JH5 Formakami pendant light is a bit of a hybrid. It combines the best of ancient and modern design and has a few cool features. It can be used as a dining table light or mounted on the wall. The lampshade is made of ivory colored rice paper and is emblazoned with black lacquered oak veneer brackets and accent bands. It measures 67 cm tall and 70 cm diameter. It comes with a black fabric cord and two E27 sockets.

The lamp is made of anodized aluminum and a polycarbonate diffuser. It has an adjustable cable. It can be switched as normal or dimmed using an external dimmer. It is lightweight and easy to hang.

Inspired by ancient lanterns from Asia

&Tradition’s JH5 Formakami pendant light draws inspiration from one of Asia’s storied paper lanterns. The JH5 is not exactly a new design but it is the newest member of the Formakami family and is the only version available in the U.S. As the name suggests, the lantern is made of rice paper and is about as lightweight as a feather. It comes with a four-meter black fabric cable and two E27 sockets.

As for the actual light, it is an eminently utilitarian item. The light has a bulb and a black fabric cable with a diameter of 70 cm. The glass base is opaque but not in your face. The light is adjustable in strength. Its most impressive attribute is the aforementioned bulb.

Designed by Jaime Hayón

Designed by Jaime Hayón, Formakami is a new collection of lamps inspired by Japanese rice paper lanterns. The designs incorporate delicate materials, traditional craftsmanship and a touch of modern Scandinavian expression. These white lanterns come in unique shapes, sizes and colours.

Often referred to as ‘ornaments’, paper lanterns have been in use for centuries in Asian cultures. They are often used for celebration and prosperity. Paper lanterns come in different shapes, sizes and colours, which connote different meanings. The lanterns can also be used for decoration. Designed by Jaime Hayón, the Formakami Collection features fabric-covered cord and black lacquered oak veneer brackets.

Paper Lanterns are a great symbol of hope and prosperity. Hayon’s designs respond to the principles of &tradition, the Danish design company which was founded in 1926. This company’s founding principle is to create designs which are functional, beautiful and high quality. They are used in interiors of leading hotels and museums throughout the world.

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