Track Lighting Fixtures For Kitchens

track lighting fixtures for kitchen

Track lighting is a way to highlight areas of your kitchen that don’t get enough illumination from the other fixtures. This type of lighting is particularly effective if you have a long, narrow kitchen. It can also save on energy.

You can choose from a wide range of track lighting fixtures. This type of light is incredibly customizable, giving you complete control over the lighting in your kitchen. The key is to ensure that each fixture you choose matches the other fixtures. For instance, your countertop may require a certain amount of wattage, while your cabinets may need a different amount. You can easily customize your kitchen with a track lighting system that matches your needs and budget.

Unlike recessed cans, which require an electrical box, track lighting is easy to install. You can mount the lights on a joist, or on a hollow surface with molly bolts. You can also use anchors to secure the lighting to a ceiling drywall. The lighting can then be turned on or off without rewiring.

One of the biggest advantages to using track lighting in your kitchen is that it allows you to position the lights in the most efficient way. You can place the lighting between the stovetop and the island, or you can leave it off entirely. You can also angle the lighting to point at certain locations or to cast light in all directions. This type of lighting can be used to spotlight Thanksgiving spread, serving trays, or even your spouse’s art.

Whether you want a monorail or cable track system, you can find a design that meets your needs. You can also select a specific finish to complement your decor. For example, a matte black finish can balance an all-white kitchen. The oil-rubbed bronze finish conveys an old-world or Tuscan style. Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of other finishes to create an eclectic, unique look.

Many track lighting systems offer adjustable track heads, meaning that you can adjust each individual light to fit your lighting needs. You can also purchase fixtures that feature cord-and-plug connectors, which make it possible to plug the lights into a standard electrical outlet.

Depending on the track you choose, you can use a single bulb or a series of bulbs. Some of the more popular track lighting fixtures include LEDs and halogen bulbs. LEDs provide more brightness while requiring less energy. However, they are a bit more expensive to purchase. Similarly, halogen track light bulbs are a bit more powerful and give off more heat than other options.

The size of your kitchen and the ceiling height can also affect the track lighting options you can choose. Ideally, you should have a track system that is able to accommodate the height of your cabinetry. The longer the track, the more flexible the lighting can be. You can also install more than one set of track lights in your kitchen.

The overall wattage of the lighting in your kitchen will also determine how many track light heads you need. You can also opt for monorail or cable track systems that allow for more flexibility.

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