A Shimmering Delight: The Kartell Toy Lamp Illuminates Your Space with Playful Elegance


If you’re looking to bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your home or office, the Kartell Toy Lamp is the perfect choice. This innovative lamp combines form with function in a stylish and playful design that is sure to delight anyone who sees it. Whether you’re looking for a unique desk lamp or a statement piece for your living room, the Kartell Toy Lamp offers a world of possibilities.

Design and Construction

The Kartell Toy Lamp is designed by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani and is made from high-quality polycarbonate, which gives the lamp its sturdy and lightweight construction. The design of the lamp is inspired by the shape and colors of children’s toys, with a spherical base and a cone-shaped shade that is available in a variety of bright colors such as pink, blue, and yellow.


One of the key features of the Kartell Toy Lamp is its versatility. The lamp is available in two different sizes, which makes it a great fit for a variety of spaces. Additionally, the lamp is fitted with a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light according to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a bright and cheerful lamp for your child’s room, or a soft and relaxing glow for your bedroom, the Kartell Toy Lamp has you covered.


Despite its playful design, the Kartell Toy Lamp is also highly functional. The cone-shaped shade directs light where you need it, making it an ideal choice for a desk lamp. The lamp is also lightweight and easy to move, which means you can easily switch up its location depending on your needs. Furthermore, the dimmer switch allows you to control the intensity of the light, making it suitable for a variety of situations.

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