The Mesmerizing Radiance of Tom Dixon’s Melt: A Stunning Illumination Experience

A Stunning Illumination Experience

Tom Dixon is a world-renowned designer known for his bold and unique approach to lighting design. His Melt series is an extraordinary example of his creativity, featuring stunning illumination that captures the imagination and mesmerizes the eyes.

The Design Behind Melt

The Melt series is inspired by roto-moulded plastics used for play balls, beach balls, and other similar objects. The design team utilized an innovative technique that involves blowing polycarbonate into a sphere, which is then met with a high-frequency vibration. This vibration causes the polycarbonate to soften and create a melting effect, resulting in a beautifully unique and organic shape.

The process behind the Melt series is incredibly intricate, with each lamp being handmade in Germany. The final product is a luminaire that appears as though it is dripping and melting into a pool of iridescent light.


The Melt series is crafted from polycarbonate and available in multiple colors, including copper, chrome, and smoke. Additionally, it is available in several shapes, including pendant and ceiling lamps, as well as a range of sizes to fit any space.

Functionality and Versatility

The Melt series is both functional and versatile, as the design allows for the lamps to be used as both accent and task lighting. The Melt series creates a warm, inviting environment and accentuates any decor style. Whether used in a living room, bedroom, or office, the Melt series adds a unique touch of luxury and sophistication.

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