Innolux Lokki: Enhancing Your Visual Experience with Excellence


Innolux Lokki is a new display technology developed by Innolux Corporation, a leading supplier of TFT-LCD panels for a wide range of applications, including TVs, monitors, laptops, and tablets. The Lokki technology is designed to enhance the visual experience by providing high contrast, deep blacks, and brilliant colors.

Features and Benefits

The Innolux Lokki technology is based on a new type of pixel structure that uses a reflective layer to improve contrast and reduce power consumption. The reflective layer is made of metal and has a nano-scale thickness, which allows it to reflect light back through the pixel to create a brighter and more vivid image.

One of the key advantages of the Lokki technology is its high contrast ratio, which is said to be up to three times better than traditional LCD displays. This is due to the reflective layer which reduces the amount of light leakage between pixels and improves the overall black level. The Lokki display also has a wider color gamut, which means that it can display a more extensive range of colors than traditional displays.

Another benefit of the Innolux Lokki technology is its low power consumption. The reflective layer helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the display, which can lead to longer battery life in portable devices like laptops and tablets.


The Innolux Lokki technology is suitable for a wide range of applications, including TVs, computer monitors, and mobile devices. It is particularly well-suited to high-definition displays like 4K and 8K TVs, which require high contrast and deep blacks to produce a realistic image.

The Lokki technology can also be used in automotive displays, where the high contrast and low power consumption are particularly useful. Innolux has already developed a prototype of a Lokki-based automotive display, which is said to provide better visibility in bright sunlight and reduce driver distraction.

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