The Enduring Legacy of LAMP GISPEN: A Timeless Design Icon


Lamp Gispen is a name that is synonymous with the modernist aesthetic. The Dutch designer Willem Hendrik Gispen created a range of lamps in the 1930s that have become iconic pieces of design. These lamps are a testament to the timeless appeal of modernist design and continue to be popular today.

History of Lamp Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen was born in 1890 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He studied at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts before starting his own design studio in 1916. In 1926, Gispen founded his own manufacturing company in Rotterdam, which produced modernist furniture and lighting.

One of Gispen’s most famous creations was the lamp he designed in 1933, which is now known as Lamp Gispen. This lamp featured a simple, functional design that was typical of the modernist style.

The Design of Lamp Gispen

Lamp Gispen was designed to be a functional and practical lamp that could be used in a variety of settings. The lamp’s design is based around a cylindrical shade that is supported by a stem and base. The stem and base are made from chrome-plated metal, while the shade is made from opal glass.

The use of opal glass gives the Lamp Gispen a soft, diffused light that is ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The lamp can be adjusted to different angles, which makes it suitable for use as a reading lamp or a task light.

The Influence of Lamp Gispen

Lamp Gispen has had a significant influence on the design of lighting over the past decades. The lamp’s simple, functional design has been emulated by many other designers, and it has become a beloved piece of modernist design.

The Lamp Gispen has also inspired the design of other modernist pieces of furniture and lighting. Its influence can be seen in the work of designers such as Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier.

Lamp Gispen Today

Despite being designed over 80 years ago, Lamp Gispen is still in production today. The lamp has been updated with modern LED technology, but its iconic design remains the same.

Lamp Gispen is now available in a range of different sizes and finishes, including brass and black. The lamp continues to be a popular choice for both commercial and residential settings.

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