Online Luminaires: The Future of Lighting Design!


Lighting is an essential part of our lives. It helps us see, work, and enjoy the spaces around us. With the rise of digital technology, lighting design has been revolutionized. Online luminaires are becoming the future of lighting design, and this article will explore why.

What are Online Luminaires?

Online luminaires are lighting fixtures that are designed and sold exclusively online. They can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of customers. The internet has made it possible for lighting designers and manufacturers to connect with clients all over the world.

Online luminaires are not just traditional light fixtures that can be purchased through an e-commerce site. They offer a whole new level of customization and interactivity. Customers can use online configurators to design their own lights, choosing from a variety of materials, shapes, finishes, colors, and lighting technologies.

Why are Online Luminaires the Future of Lighting Design?

There are several reasons why online luminaires are the future of lighting design:

1. Easy access to custom lighting products

With online luminaires, customers can easily access custom lighting products that would be difficult or impossible to find in physical stores. They can browse a wide range of designs and options, and order products that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

2. Lower prices and higher quality

Online luminaires are often more affordable than traditional lighting fixtures. This is because online retailers have lower overhead costs and can offer better deals to customers. The competition online also drives manufacturers to produce higher quality products at lower prices.

3. Sustainability

Online luminaires are often more sustainable than traditional lighting fixtures. This is because many online manufacturers use eco-friendly materials and technologies, and design products with sustainability in mind. Additionally, online sales reduce the need for transportation, which can lower carbon emissions.

Examples of Online Luminaires

There are many examples of online luminaires that are currently available on the market. These include:

1. Moooi

Moooi is a Dutch lighting manufacturer that offers a wide range of lighting products that can be customized online. Their configurator allows customers to choose from a variety of materials, colors, and shapes to create their own unique designs.

2. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia is an online home decor retailer that offers a range of lighting products. Their selection includes a variety of stylish and unique luminaires, including chandeliers, pendants, and table lamps.

3. Lumens

Lumens is an online lighting retailer that offers a wide range of modern and contemporary luminaires. Their selection includes top brands like Artemide, FLOS, and Louis Poulsen. Customers can browse and purchase products easily through the Lumens website.

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