Illuminating Your Bathroom: The Best IKEA Bathroom Lights to Upgrade Your Space

Illuminating Your Bathroom: The Best IKEA Bathroom Lights to Upgrade Your Space

If you’re looking for a way to update your bathroom and create a spa-like atmosphere, lighting is key. IKEA offers a variety of affordable and stylish bathroom light fixtures that can help you achieve the perfect look. In this article, we’ll explore the best IKEA bathroom lights and how to choose the right one for your space.

Why Lighting Matters in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a space where we start and end our days – it’s where we get ready in the morning and wind down before bed. Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and creating a functional space. Proper lighting can make the bathroom feel more spacious, highlight key features and help you see better when applying makeup or shaving.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Lights

When choosing bathroom lights, there are several factors to consider, including:

Size of the Bathroom

The size of your bathroom will impact the type and number of lights you should install. Smaller bathrooms may only need one or two lights, while larger spaces will require more.

Lighting Functionality

Consider how you plan to use your bathroom. Do you need bright lights for applying makeup or softer lighting for a relaxing bath? Task lighting, such as vanity lights, is essential for grooming tasks, while ambient lighting, such as ceiling lights, creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Bathroom Style

Your bathroom’s style should also influence your lighting choices. Modern bathrooms benefit from sleek and minimalist designs, while traditional spaces work well with classic fixtures.

The Best IKEA Bathroom Lights

IKEA offers a variety of bathroom lights, ranging from simple and functional to stylish and decorative. Here are our top picks:

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are a popular choice for task lighting in the bathroom. IKEA’s LILLHOLMEN wall lamp has a sleek and modern design and provides even and glare-free light. The MUSIK wall lamp has an adjustable arm that lets you direct light where you need it.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are essential for creating ambient lighting in the bathroom. IKEA’s FUBBLA ceiling spotlight has a compact design and adjustable arms, making it easy to direct light where you need it. The RANARP ceiling light has a classic design and brightens up any space.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are a practical choice for lighting up the bathroom. The SAXBORGA wall lamp has a sleek and minimalist design and is great for smaller spaces. The TORNVIKEN wall lamp has an adjustable arm, making it easy to direct light and create a cozy atmosphere.

How to Install IKEA Bathroom Lights

Once you’ve chosen your IKEA bathroom lights, it’s time to install them. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and hassle-free installation:

Step 1: Turn off the power

Before you start installing your lights, turn off the power to the bathroom at the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Assemble the lights

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble your lights. Be sure to use the correct tools and hardware.

Step 3: Mark the location

Using a pencil or tape, mark the location of your lights on the wall or ceiling.

Step 4: Mount the lights

Mount your lights according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use screws and anchors to secure the lights in place.

Step 5: Install the wiring

Carefully install the wiring for your lights, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to connect the wires correctly and use wire nuts to ensure a secure connection.

Step 6: Test the Lights

After the installation is complete, turn the power back on and test your lights to make sure they’re

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