The Alluring Glow of PH Lamps – Illuminating Your World in Style


One of the most sought after lamp designs in the world, PH lamps are coveted for their unique and visually appealing design. Produced by the reputable Danish lighting company, Louis Poulsen, PH lamps deliver both aesthetics and functionality. First created by designer Poul Henningsen in the 1920s, PH lamps have come to be recognized globally for their timeless beauty.

What makes PH lamps so unique?

PH lamps are known for their distinct form and design. Designed to direct light in a myriad of ways to create an even glow, Henningsen’s original idea was to create a light that was softer and more appealing than the harsh electric bulbs of his time. He utilized multiple layers of metal shades with different curvatures to obscure the bulb while still allowing light to be diffused artistically.

In addition to their sculptural appeal and functional form, PH lamps come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, making them versatile enough to be used in any space: from cozy dens to expansive halls.

The Many Types of PH lamps

PH lamps can be found in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors, each with its unique style and signature functionalities. Some of the popular PH lamps include:

The PH Artichoke Lamp

With its delicately crafted copper leaves, the PH Artichoke lamp is the epitome of luxury lighting. Its silhouette creates an elegant atmosphere when lit, and its design has remained unchanged over time, becoming a classic fixture in many luxurious settings.

The PH 3.5/2.5 Table Lamp

This design consists of three layers of curved metal shades that direct light down and away from the bulb, creating a soft and even ambient light. This lamp is ideal for reading and working as it provides an even and glare-free illumination.

The PH Snowball Lamp

Created in the 1950s, the PH Snowball lamp has a spherical design that emits a warm, diffused light. Its layered form creates depth and dimension, adding an element of artistry to the lighting design.

Where can you use PH Lamps?

PH lamps can be used in a variety of settings, from homes to office spaces, and even public areas. Here are some of the ways PH lamps can be incorporated into various spaces:

Living Rooms

When it comes to living areas, PH lamps are perfect for adding a touch of modern elegance. Used as a reading lamp or a statement piece, PH lamps create a comfortable and warm atmosphere ideal for entertaining.

Dining Rooms

PH lamps can help bring a soft and intimate ambiance to dining areas. Mixed with the glow of candlelights, PH lamps add warmth and elegance to dinner gatherings, making them a popular lighting choice in high-end restaurants.


PH lamps in a bedroom setting offer a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The soft, diffused light adds a cozy feel to a bedroom, perfect for reading in bed or creating an inviting ambiance.

The Cost of PH Lamps

PH lamps are, on average, more expensive than conventional lamps. The cost is justified, however, as PH lamps are made with high-quality materials that last for years. In addition to the durability, their timeless aesthetic appeal adds value to both modern and classic interiors.

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