Practical Tips for Decorating Your Basement

Moisture proof

Moisture-proof is the first problem that needs to be solved in basement decoration, so in the selection of decoration materials, materials with better moisture-proof effect should be selected. Generally speaking, vitrified tiles are used for the basement floor, wallpaper for walls, gypsum board for ceilings, etc. Better, the moisture-proof effect of these materials is quite good.


Lighting is a problem that needs to be solved in the basement. The basement is under the ground, and there is no way to get light through the door and window. Therefore, you should choose the lighting fixtures well, and choose the lamps with better brightness. Another trick is to arrange the glass and other items to refract the light, which can increase the light in the basement.


Air basements are generally stuffy, and the ventilation is not ideal. When decorating, you must pay attention to having ventilation equipment, installing exhaust fans, and ventilating frequently. In addition, you need to add some vibrant green plants, which can greatly improve Basement air quality.

Moisture and mildew proof

Some people like to use wood when decorating. The original ecological wood texture of wood makes people feel comfortable, but it is not suitable for use in the basement. Wooden cabinets and wooden floors will be corroded, blackened and deformed after many years. , so the decoration layout in the basement should not use wood things as much as possible.


Height The height of the basement is also required. After decoration, the height of the basement should not be less than 2.5 meters, otherwise there will be a sense of depression. After all, the basement is not like other ordinary floors. It has windows for good lighting and is naturally comfortable. If the height is relatively short after decoration, it will be very depressing. The family does not like to go to that location. .


Some toxic gases will inevitably be produced during the renovation, especially in the basement where the ventilation effect is relatively poor, the toxic gases in the decoration will stay indoors and cannot be sent out quickly, so within 2-3 months after the basement is decorated, People try not to stay in it for too long. At the same time, they should put more green plants that absorb formaldehyde, and open the exhaust fan for a long time to ventilate the basement, so that the toxic gas in the basement can be discharged as soon as possible.

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