Study room decoration points and principles

Study room decoration points

Location and Size

The space area of ​​the study room should not be too large, generally within 12 square meters. Too large space can easily distract people. The study room needs a quiet and less distracting environment, so a room where people don’t move around often should be chosen as the study room. The study room needs an environment that is quiet and less distracting, but not necessarily private. If each room is on the same floor, it can be arranged outside the private area, or in a separate room next to the door, if it is an ensuite with the bedroom, it is more appropriate to be outside.

Style and Color

Although the decoration style of the study room needs to be similar to the overall decoration style of the house, the functionality of the study room should also be considered, and it should show a more elegant and quiet style effect. In addition, the color of the study room should be soft and calm. It is best to use cool colors, such as blue, green, gray and purple, and try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors.

Pay attention to environmental protection decoration

Paint, wallpaper, wood, flooring, furniture, etc. are the largest expenditures in study decoration, and have the greatest impact on the environmental health of study space. As a place for people, especially children, to study for a long time, the study must ensure its environmental protection. Choose materials with higher environmental protection grades, and prepare for the decoration budget.

Study room decoration principles

Quiet Reading Environment: Quiet Materials

Quietness is very necessary for the study room, because people reading and working in a noisy environment are much less efficient than in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study room, this principle must be implemented from the selection of materials to the decoration and construction. Specifically, to make the study airtight, you can start with the decoration of the ceiling, walls, floors, doors, and windows.

Sufficient light source: natural light + artificial lighting

Natural Lighting: The study should try to occupy a room with a good orientation. When remodeling the windows, you can open the windows in the direction in which the light enters the best direction throughout the year. In addition, the study desk can be arranged in front of the window. Generally, the room facing south will have stronger light. Artificial lighting: For writing desks or computer desks in the study, power cords, computer lines, telephone lines, and TV line terminals should be installed above the desk; from a safety point of view, 1-2 power sockets should be installed below It is used to prepare the power supply of computer supporting equipment; if the lighting is multi-head lamp, a sub-controller should be added, and the switch can be installed on the inner side of the study door.

Good ventilation: the circulation of air

The decoration of the study room must take into account the ventilation conditions. This is not only because of health needs, but also because of the need for ventilation and heat dissipation after computers and other equipment work; in addition, air circulation is also conducive to adjusting the humidity of the study, which is conducive to protecting books. Therefore, when designing and decorating a study, it is not possible to choose a space that cannot conduct air convection as a study.

Comfort First: Designed for Human Health

Study furniture is a very important part of the study, among which bookcases, desks, study chairs, etc. are indispensable furniture for the study. In the purchase and installation of furniture, in addition to paying attention to the shape, quality and color of the study furniture, it must be considered that the furniture should adapt to the range of people’s activities and meet the basic requirements of human health and aesthetics.

Desk height: According to the normal human physiological calculation in my country, the height of the desk should be 750-800mm. Considering the active area of ​​the legs under the desk, the clear height under the desk should not be less than 580mm.

Seat height: The seat should be matched with the writing desk, the height is moderate, soft and comfortable, if possible, it is best to buy a swivel chair. The height of the seat should be 380-450mm to facilitate the needs of people’s activities.

Bookcase size: The bookcase must first ensure a large space for storing books. The depth between the bookcases should be 30 cm. Excessive depth will not only waste materials and space, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to picking up books. The shelves and partitions of the bookcase can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the book.

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