Tom Dixon’s Beat Trio: The Perfect Harmony of Design, Functionality, and Style

The Inspiration Behind Beat Trio

Tom Dixon, a world-renowned designer, has always been fascinated with traditional Indian cooking pots. These pots, also called “Matkas,” are typically made of brass or copper and have a distinctive rounded shape. The Matkas are used for storing and cooking food, and their design has remained the same for thousands of years.

Dixon was inspired by the shape and functionality of the Matkas and decided to incorporate them into his latest creation, Beat Trio. The Beat Trio consists of three pendant lights of different sizes, all of which are modeled after the Matka.

Design Elements of Beat Trio

The Beat Trio pendant lights are made from hand-spun brass with a black patinated exterior. This gives the lamps a vintage, rustic look. Their interiors, however, are finished in a bright, polished brass that reflects light beautifully. The three lamps come in different sizes – Fat, Wide, and Tall – and can be hung alone or grouped together for a visually stunning effect.

Their unique design provides ample direct lighting while also casting beautiful shadows and creating a warm ambiance. The Beat Trio lamps have a minimalist and functional design that is perfect for modern spaces.

Functionality of Beat Trio

Beat Trio has a wide array of functional benefits that make it the perfect lighting solution for various spaces. Each pendant light is fitted with a UL-listed socket and a black satin aluminum ceiling rose, making it easy to install. The brass shade of the pendant lamp can be easily detached for bulb changes, allowing for effortless maintenance.

The lamps have a maximum wattage of 60W, making them incredibly energy-efficient. Their design also makes them perfect for use as task lighting or ambient lighting, depending on the space they are installed in.

The Versatility of Beat Trio

The Beat Trio pendant lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used in various settings. They can be hung above a dining table for a cozy, intimate feel or installed in a living room to create a warm ambiance. They can also be used to add a touch of elegance to commercial spaces, such as hotel lobbies and restaurants.

What makes Beat Trio unique is the possibility of grouping the three different sizes of lamps together, resulting in an eye-catching focal point in any room.

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