Shedding Light on the Artistry of Rothschild and Bickers: A Spotlight on their Unique Glassworks


Rothschild and Bickers is a renowned British lighting company, known for their mastery in creating unique and intricate glass lighting designs. Led by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers, the company has amassed a reputation for their exquisite use of handblown glass, combined with modern and classic design elements.

History of Rothschild and Bickers

Founded in 2007, Rothschild and Bickers began as a small studio in Hertford, England. Victoria Rothschild started the company as a way to express her passion for glass, and quickly gained a following for her intricate and theatrical designs. In 2010, Mark Bickers joined the company as a design partner, and the partnership elevated Rothschild and Bickers to new heights. Today, the company has expanded to over 20 employees and moved to a larger studio in Saffron Walden, Essex.

The Unique Glassworks of Rothschild and Bickers

At the heart of Rothschild and Bickers’ creations is the exquisite use of handblown glass. Each piece is expertly crafted by hand, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of beauty. From colorful chandeliers to unique pendant lights, Rothschild and Bickers’ use of glass is truly remarkable.


Rothschild and Bickers’ chandeliers are a sight to behold. The use of brightly colored glass and intricate design elements make these chandeliers a true work of art. From the colorful “Meadow” chandelier to the elegant “Crystal” chandelier, each piece exudes beauty and charm.

Pendant Lights

Rothschild and Bickers’ pendant lights are another example of the company’s mastery of glass. From the minimalist “Globe” pendant to the intricate “Spider” pendant, each piece is designed to enhance and illuminate any room.


Rothschild and Bickers has collaborated with a number of notable designers and brands to create unique lighting designs. In 2011, the company collaborated with London-based design firm Ab Rogers Design to create a whimsical chandelier for a London hotel. In 2015, Rothschild and Bickers teamed up with luxury brand Hermès to create a limited edition pendant light.


Rothschild and Bickers’ use of handblown glass and intricate design elements result in unique, one-of-a-kind lighting designs that are truly works of art. The company’s chandeliers and pendant lights are particularly noteworthy and elevate any space they occupy. With collaborations with notable designers and brands, Rothschild and Bickers’ future looks bright as they continue to push boundaries in the world of lighting design.

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