Bringing Brilliance to Your Space: The Impressive Innovations of Cerno Lighting


Lighting is a crucial element that can make or break the ambiance of any space. A well-designed lighting system can enhance the beauty and functionality of a room, while a poor one can make it appear dull and uninviting. In this context, Cerno Lighting has emerged as a leading company in the lighting industry. The American brand has earned a reputation for its innovative and sustainable products, crafted with the highest level of precision and artistry.

The Origin Story of Cerno Lighting:

Cerno Lighting was founded in 2009 by three friends- Nick Sheridan, Daniel Wacholder, and Bret Englander, who met as designers at the University of California, Irvine. The trio shared a passion for creating functional, elegant, and sustainable lighting solutions that would meet the needs of contemporary spaces. They started Cerno to bring their vision to life.

The company’s initial product line comprised of LED table lamps, which soon gained popularity for their unique design and energy-efficient properties. The founders’ commitment to sustainability reflected in their choice of materials and manufacturing processes. The company used only FSC-certified materials, water-based natural finishes, and eco-friendly packaging. The lamps’ minimalistic design and organic materials made them an instant hit among design enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

The Innovative Products of Cerno Lighting:

Cerno Lighting’s product range has evolved since its inception, and today, they offer a diverse range of lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Here are some of their most innovative products:

The Mica Pendant Light:

The Mica Pendant Light is a contemporary chandelier that combines the warmth of natural materials with the sharpness of modern design. The light fixture comprises of a delicate metal frame and a central shade made of natural mica, a mineral that diffuses light in a unique way. The Mica Pendant Light is available in two sizes and can be used as a standalone accent piece or as a cluster.

The Vix LED Pendant Light:

The Vix LED Pendant Light is a versatile and functional light fixture that can be adapted to a range of spaces. The light features a slim metal frame that holds a trapezoidal shade made of polymer. The polymer material is translucent, allowing the light to shine through and create an ethereal effect. The Vix LED Pendant Light is available in multiple finishes and can be adjusted to different heights, making it ideal for use in open-plan spaces, entrance halls, or stairwells.

The Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp:

The Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp is a statement piece that can add a touch of drama to any room. The lamp features a massive wooden tripod base, a slender metal stem, and a conical shade made of polymer. The shade houses an energy-efficient LED bulb that emits a warm and ambient glow. The Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp can be used as a reading light, an accent piece, or a conversation starter.


Cerno Lighting has established itself as a leading brand that offers innovative and sustainable lighting solutions for modern interiors. The company’s commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes, combined with their passion for elegance and functionality, has earned them a loyal following. Their products reflect a perfect balance between aesthetics and technology, making them ideal for design-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers. If you’re looking to add brilliance to your space, Cerno Lighting is the brand to explore.

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