Top 5 Trends for Living Room Decor in 2021

Some people say that decoration is a practice of aesthetics, it is not only a test of your patience, money and energy, but also a test of your beauty business.

A good decoration design style allows the charm of the home to flow between the square inches. As the “facade” of the home, the design of the living room is particularly important.

Today I will talk to you about the 5 major trends in living room decoration in 2021, and see how people with high American businessmen dress!

More open space design

With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the living room are no longer limited to hospitality, but to integrate leisure and entertainment, hospitality and friendship, more interactive communication, better-looking space design, and more comfortable leisure environment. New requirements for living room decoration.

The open space layout satisfies everyone’s requirements for living room design, making the space look more spacious and transparent, with a stronger sense of visual extension. Even the decoration of a small apartment can create a sense of sight of a mansion.

The current popular integrated design of guest, dining and kitchen makes the living room more open and spacious, giving the living room more expectations.

Simple TV background wall

When you are still worrying about how to decorate the TV background wall, the people with high business in the United States have abandoned the complicated design and changed to a more concise and multi-functional TV background wall.

The integrated design method, abandoning the traditional complicated and cumbersome high-end decoration, cleverly hides the TV on the wall, which is economical, beautiful and practical, and combines the TV wall and storage space, and the integrated TV wall combination cabinet is both a TV wall. The entertainment function and storage function of the 2-in-1 can kill two birds with one stone.

No main light design

The design without main light is also the most popular decoration trend at present. Its advantage is that the corresponding lighting mode can be switched according to different usage scenarios, creating a more appropriate lighting atmosphere, and the space is more comfortable and spacious.

Create visual focal points

A strong visual focus is the soul of space design. A space without a visual focus is soulless and meaningless.

The visual focal point is not a simple point, line, surface or other element, it can be a chair, an ornament, or even a lamp.

Multifunctional design becomes mainstream

The combination of traditional sofa + coffee table + TV cabinet + TV can no longer meet the needs of contemporary young people, and multi-functional design has become the mainstream.

The TV background wall is no longer the protagonist to maximize the use of the living room, which has become the direction of young people’s decoration. What’s more, the study, the bar, etc. are integrated into the living room to create a different space design.

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