How to choose a dining table?

As for whether the dining table is square or round, in fact, there is a certain emphasis on round and square. The choice of square, rectangular or round dining table mainly depends on three points: 1. the number of family members, 2. the way of dining, and 3. the area of ​​the restaurant.

If there are a large number of people dining at home, the restaurant area is large enough, and the Western food is mainly divided into meals, then you can choose a longer rectangular dining table. If a family of three or four eats most of the time, the restaurant area is average, and the guests are basically not eating at home, then you can choose a small-sized round dining table or a square dining table (if the desktop has a telescopic function, a long dining table can also be used) , so that the family usually eats close together, it is convenient to pick up food, and there are few people can be happy.

The square is more in the modern and western decoration style, because the square table is more suitable for the dining habits of Western food. But in fact, now both round and square dining tables have various styles, so choosing a dining table still needs to consider many aspects.

First of all, you can start from the material selection.

Now the table material is solid wood, steel wood, marble and so on. While solid wood and marble are expensive and occupy a large area, they are generally suitable for large units, while small units are more likely to choose steel and wood.

Second, choose from the size.

If it is a large apartment, the choice of size is more free. And if it is an apartment with an independent restaurant, you can choose some that have a heavy feel and match the restaurant-style space. However, if it is a small apartment, it is recommended to choose some relatively lightweight dining tables, especially if the number of people dining is uncertain, you can choose a folding dining table, which can be used flexibly and usually does not take up space.

Finally, it is the style of the dining table, which is selected according to your preferences and style.

The Nordic minimalist style dining table design, the log material reflects the Nordic natural style, with a simple, return to the true beauty of nature. The small round table makes the overall feel more warm, suitable for family dining of 3-4 people.

A modern minimalist style for a small apartment. The material is steel and wood, which are more commonly used now. The simple black and white tones are more fashionable. The design with a sense of line such as hollowing is used, which has a modern sense of design, and can accommodate up to 6 people for dinner.

The choice of dining table must be practical and comfortable, and secondly, it must be resistant to dirt and easy to clean. From a comfort point of view, special attention should be paid to the leg space. If the legs are uncomfortable when eating, it will be difficult to eat and be happy. Combining all aspects, a dining table with solid wood material and rich bottom space is an ideal choice.

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